Over 200 years of combined experience go into helping our customers succeed. Service and professionalism is our highest goal. Your success is a reflection on us. For years, we’ve built strong relationships by understanding and anticipating the needs of our customers. Helping our clients meet their ongoing challenges is our main objective. Product support facilities, skilled mechanics, and a professional sales team with industry-leading knowledge allows us to help our clients reduce costs while sustaining performance and success one job at a time. Whether it’s parts or service, you can depend on Guyan Heavy Equipment to support your business and treat you with the attention to detail that you deserve because our clients are our greatest asset.


What's in a Name?

Guyan Heavy Equipment has come to signify quality and value in products and services. Our name is synonymous with integrity, professionalism, and success.

Guyan Heavy Equipment has become an asset to many leading companies which covers a broad demographic. Our solution-oriented approach allows us to be much more than a supplier of parts.

To our clients, we have become Innovators. It is our commitment to continue this traditional hands-on approach and treat every customer like they are our most valuable customer.

Our Team

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